Infographic: prepositions of time

Today’s infographic shows you how we use the prepositions in, on and at with different time phrases. There are examples to help you clearly understand how we use these prepositions in different situations.

I used Piktochart to design the infographic and Bitstrips for the cartoons.

prepositions of timeYou can download the original, full size image here (800×2950).

Additionally, there are a number of share and embed options available from Flickr here.

Finally, you can share the image using the QR code on the right.

7 Responses to Infographic: prepositions of time

  1. fatima moreano says:


  2. Clê says:

    Thank you for sharing so many interesting and practical hints.



  3. narmela espedido says:

    I used to teach Language and Reading as subjects in the elementary grades for both private and public schools . I like this presentation using Piktochart to design the infographic and Bitstrips for the cartoons….one easy way in delivering the lessons on prepositions of time.

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  6. adil says:

    Really helpful, Thanks

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