Adam and Sandy on how to be a great ELT blogger

IATEFL has been a whirlwind so far and I’ve barely had time to stop and catch my breath, never mind blog about events! So, here we belatedly go with what I hope to be the first of many quickfire post on my experiences at this week’s conference.

Yesterday I was delighted to be interviewed with one of my favourite bloggers and genuinely all round wonderful person Sandy Millin. We had the chance to chat with Ann Foreman and Paul Braddock from the British Council as part of the incredible IATEFL Harrogate online coverage.

As blogging has become such an important part of who I am as a teacher and my continual professional development, it was nice to be able to discuss this and hopefully share some thoughts with all those of you who are or want to become teacher bloggers.

Anyhow, let me keep this post short, as Sandy has already done a great job of writing about it on her blog. Nevertheless, I could resist sharing the video here…

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1 thought on “Adam and Sandy on how to be a great ELT blogger”

  1. Thanks very much Adam! You’re a wonderful person too 🙂 Great to see you again!
    Looking forward to seeing more of your posts from IATEFL. My IATEFL ones are on my list of ‘head’ posts now, and hoping to get them out soon!

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