The 4 Keys to Using Group Discussion in the Language Classroom

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10 Responses to The 4 Keys to Using Group Discussion in the Language Classroom

  1. Vikram says:

    im a trainer

  2. shujon mailk says:

    hi,i am shujon from dhaka.i want to learn good english so what i do now actually i need some easy way to learn.thank you

    • Adam says:

      Hi, Shujon.

      You got me thinking that maybe I should write a post on the best self access resources for learning English… Please check back soon!

  3. haisiat ali says:

    sir.I NEED writing skill and speaking skill


    my students are so weak in english and they are very shy of activities takes place in class…how to handle those students?…i’ll be grateful if you could just drop an e-mail.

    • Adam says:

      Hi Dheeraj.

      Take things slowly and start off with a lot of teacher talking time with whole class drills. Getting the whole class speaking together will help decrease the shyness factor!

  5. Abdalla says:

    Your articles are really useful and helpful
    how can I download them to be a reference in the future?

    • Adam says:

      Thanks for asking, Abdalla.

      I started making posts available as PDF downloads a while ago, but they weren’t very popular. I might start doing this again if people would like me to.

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