6 Useful tools for teaching and learning vocabulary

I don’t know about you, but I always find that my learners need as much help in learning and retaining vocabulary as I can give them. I’ve been doing a bit of searching for online tools that can help me in this quest, and here are a few that you might also find helpful…

Word Bucket is a personal English dictionary, notebook and vocabulary learning game.It enables students to save all new words to their personal Bucket and learn them through fun tests and games – ideal for individual revision or class competition. It’s a perfect classroom tool for learning words.

Add text to a box and get it automatically scrambled for you. This is a very simple app but it could make for a nice short task at the end of a class.

OmnilexicaOmnilexica is a free online tool that aims to provide definitions for all English words and expressions, usage examples, pronunciation and other linguistic resources.

This is a really cool app for generating worksheets. You’re given a list of pictures relating to a particular topic and you decide if you want the vocab item to appear as a word or not.

A highly customizable crossword puzzle generator. You need to input the data yourself, but you’re left with a very nice end product (if you can be bothered).

A really cool vocab worksheet generator tool. You have to pay to get the full version, but the free one on offer allows you to do quite a lot of useful stuff.

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15 Responses to 6 Useful tools for teaching and learning vocabulary

  1. Aino Saavaste says:

    I´m interested.

  2. asal says:

    This is great for teaching vocabulary, thanks

  3. Philip says:

    http://www.learnclick.com is also useful for creating vocabulary quizzes. You can create matching exercises or learn vocabulary in context with a cloze test.

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  6. Katie says:

    Hi – I work for an ed-tech company that is developing a vocabulary teaching tool for highs school and middle school students, that uses images, synonyms, context and spaced repetition to help students learn words.

    We’re looking to teachers to test it in their classrooms for (free) and for any teachers who might be willing to give us feedback to guide future development. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail (support (at) veritaslearninglabs.com) for more info!

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  9. Carmen says:

    Another resource is http://www.vocabularynotebook.com, useful for learning and teaching vocabulary.
    Students can create their own vocabulary (with their sample sentence, definition,…), test themselves and listen the right pronunciation.
    Teachers can monitor their students progress, and send them words suggestions.

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