15 free resources for teaching classroom language

As a new academic years begins, many of us are now experiencing the joy of starting out with new classes of learners. An essential of any new class is to make sure that they have some idea of the way you work as a teacher; a vital part of that is to familiarize them with the kind of language you’ll be using in every lesson. With this in mind, I’ve compiled a list of freely downloadable resources to help you teach your learners about classroom language. Here is my first collection of links (more on the way tomorrow)…

Classroom language exercises (part one)

  1. Classroom language & instructions worksheet #1 with pics and answers (PDF format): a nice visual representation of typical language and instructions
  2. Classroom language worksheet #2 with pics and answers (PDF format): a follow up exercise with more instructions
  3. What are the teachers saying in the pictures? (PDF format): another vşusal worksheet requiring learners to show what language they already know
  4. Brainstorming imperatives for the classroom (PDF format): spider diagrams for important words such as ‘wait’ and ‘bring’
  5. Classroom language situations worksheet (PDF format): ten questions that require an open-ended response – good for negotiating possible alternatives
  6. Common classroom phrasal verbs worksheet (PDF format): gap fill and sentence completion exercises
  7. The 'dance floor'
    The ‘dance floor’

    Advanced classroom language vocabulary worksheet with answers (PDF format): learners fill in the gaps in sentences using the correct form of typical classroom words and phrases

  8. Classroom expressions review worksheet (PDF format): open-end worksheet – good for seeing what learners already know
  9. Explain these expressions (PDF format): students are required to show that they understand the meaning of a set of expressions
  10. Classroom instructions brainstorming (PDF format): spider diagrams to see common phrases with words such as ‘whiteboard’
  11. Phrasal verbs for teaching exercises (PDF format): gap fill and matching exercises for common phrasal verbs
  12. Putting classroom language into categories (PDF format): students categorize a selection of classroom phrases according to their function, e.g. ‘setting up a task’
  13. Classroom instructions vocabulary worksheet (PDF format): students have to complete phrases with suitable words
  14. Polite requests in the classroom (PDF format) a worksheet with visuals requiring phrase completion with suitable words
  15. Classroom language word formation exercise (PDF format) a table in which students fill in the correct parts of speech for common classroom language
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