17 free resources for lessons about jobs and careers

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At some point in your teaching you’ll have to do a course book unit based on jobs and careers. Chances are, this will be a little boring, or at very least you’ll find yourself needing to supplement the book with something of your own. With this in mind, I’ve cobbled together a quick blog post with links to worksheets, lesson plans and various other activities which are free to download. Here, then are 16 resources for you to take a look at, all on the theme of jobs and careers…

Lesson plans and activities for teaching interviews and applying for a job

  1. Lesson plan for deciding on what skills you need for a particular career
  2. Job interview practise lesson & writing worksheet (PDF format)
  3. ESL reading comprehension & language worksheet for being fired or laid off (PDF format)
  4. Job interview dialogue cloze (PDF format)
  5. A collection of dialogues relating to jobs and interviews
  6. Rank statements about what motivates you at work (PDF format)
  7. Discussion statements about work (PDF format)
  8. What skills are most valued by employers (PDF format)
  9. Reading Job Advertisements (PDF format)
  10. “The Interview”: reading comprehension & multiple choice questions (PDF format)
ELTPics courtesy of @CliveSir & @mattledding
ELTPics courtesy of @CliveSir & @mattledding

Lexis for jobs and careers lesson plans for teachers & students

  1. Job application process worksheets  with pictures (PDF format)
  2. Jobs vocabulary dictation exercises (PDF format)
  3. Likes and Dislikes of Your Job  (PDF format)
  4. Jobs for people in medicine – worksheet (PDF format)
  5. Elementary jobs for business – worksheet (PDF format)
  6. Elementary gerunds / infinitives grammar – speaking activity talking about jobs (PDF format)
  7. Printout and matching activity for action (skill-related) verbs (PDF format)
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