30 free resources for lessons about personality and feelings

At some point in your teaching you’ll have to do a course book unit based on personality and feelings. Chances are, this will be a little boring, or at very least you’ll find yourself needing to supplement the book with something of your own. With this in mind, I’ve cobbled together a quick blog post with links to worksheets, lesson plans and various other activities which are free to download. Here, then are 30 resources for you to take a look at, all on the theme of personality and feelings…

Personality / feelings vocabulary and expressions for ESL  students

  1. Personality vocabulary  & dictation exercises using pictures (PDF format)
  2. Try to complete the following expressions about yourself (PDF format)
  3. Talking about types of people (PDF format)
  4. Personality adjectives with pictures worksheet (PDF format)
  5. Kinds of people worksheet with pictures (PDF format)
  6. Describing colleagues with personality adjectives (PDF format)
  7. Adjectives for personality lessons (PDF format)
  8. Adjectives and phrases to describe to personality(PDF format)
  9. Personality adjective activity (PDF format)
  10. Emotion idioms exercise (PDF format)
  11. Self-concept words (PDF format)
  12. Personality profile activity – pair work (PDF format)

How cool am I?ESL teaching ideas for personality / character / feelings

  1. Personality vocabulary positive/negative worksheet(PDF format)
  2. Personality vocabulary survey (PDF format)
  3. Comparing people: speaking & writing exercise (PDF format)
  4. Describe someone lesson (PDF format)
  5. Qualities & flaws exercise & worksheet (PDF format)
  6. Talking about roommates speaking exercise with picture (PDF format)
  7. “Uniquely you”-discovering what makes you unique worksheet (PDF format)
  8. “Judge your neighbor” complaints worksheet (PDF format)
  9. Emotional Memories (questions to talk or write about)
  10. Personality likes/dislikes questionnaire (PDF format)
  11. Pair work personality profile activity (PDF format)
  12. Personality worksheet (PDF format)
  13. My name is me!
  14. Personality Adjectives
  15. Is Your Conversation Style Feminine or Masculine?
  16. Character Adjective Lesson
  17. Personal Complaint Menu Role play for large ESL classes
  18. Best friends & Worst Friends lesson for Intermediate ESL students
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