10 downloadable lesson plans for teaching environmental issues and problems

Most coursebooks have units on the environment and with very good reason; this is a hot topic, especially with Generation Y learners, and so therefore such units are quite stimulating classroom topics and often work well, with a teenage audience in particular. With this in mind, here are ten lesson plans for teaching environmental issues and problems (note: all of these are free to download and are in pdf format):

  1. Environmental issues vocabulary with pictures and open-ended questions leading to a speaking exercise
  2. Natural disasters vocabulary; learners label pictures leading to a speaking exercise about types of disasters
  3. Passive tense grammar focus lesson for environmental issues with pictures that learners describe using provided vocabulary
  4. ELTPics’ ‘Ecology’ set; royalty-free photos for classroom useIlha de Itacuruçá - RJ - Brazil
  5. ESL vocabulary exercise (which word doesn’t belong here) and discussion questions on the environment
  6. Endangered species vocabulary introduction with dictation exercises with pictures
  7. Endangered species vocabulary with pictures and conversation questions
  8. Environment vocabulary exercises and discussion questions (advanced level)
  9. Natural disasters full lesson plan and worksheet
  10. Future of our planet exercises with reading and vocabulary


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6 Responses to 10 downloadable lesson plans for teaching environmental issues and problems

  1. selma says:

    Good effort! Thanks for your ideas!

  2. Duncan Elder says:

    I actually designed a conversation/presentation lesson on the theme of renewable energy a couple of months ago. My high school specializes in science subjects so they enjoyed it, but I think most intermediate/advanced students would be able to say something about the topic!


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