Favourite infographic for August: A short history of the language learning lab

Happy teachers plan their lessons.

It was round about this time in March that I reflected on how much time I spend these days digesting information through infographics. I’m a firm believer in their value: while they should not be seen as a replacement for reading, they are a very useful tool when it comes to getting key ideas across quickly and in a visually stimulating way.

With this in mind, I decided, starting in March, to post an ‘infographic of the month’. This has proven to be a popular addition to my blog, so it’s one I’ll continue to do on at least a monthly basis. What’s more, it has been nice to give further exposure both to infographics with succinct yet useful information, as well as those that I find to be eloquently or innovatively designed.

This month’s choice comes from English Central’s blog and offers us a concise history of the language learning lab…

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3 thoughts on “Favourite infographic for August: A short history of the language learning lab”

  1. Two things:

    1 I remember being in a computer lab in the 80s that had an open/horseshoe layout, which the infographic attributes to the 2000s.

    2 80s and 90s computers didn’t have flat screens!

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