5 great ice-breakers in five days: #3 Picture Scavenger Hunt

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Number three in my quest to complete five blog posts in five days (day one here and day two here)…

Picture Scavenger Hunt

Pictures are worth a thousand words and nearly everyone carries a photo of somebody or something with them. When you have a new class, you can use these photos for a scavenger hunt!

What you need…

You need to prepare a scavenger hunt lists, which you should make in advance. A typical one for an introductory class might look something like this:

  • Family portrait
  • View of home town
  • Child laughing/crying
  • Baby’s first photo
  • Family pet
  • Twins
  • Bride and groom
  • Grandparents
  • Boyfriend/Girlfriend

How to…

  • Distribute your scavenger lists.
  • Give the class a specific time frame to find someone who has one of the photos, e.g. 30 minutes.
  • Persuade them to find a new person for each item.


It may be impossible to finish the list, so set a realistic goal (find seven out of ten).


This is a natural energizer that has people moving around constantly.

Possible follow ups…

  • You can adapt this for specific topics by finding a bunch of photos on Google relating to topic-specific vocabulary and distribute these to the members of the class. Adapt your scavenger hunt list accordingly.
  • If using this in the first lesson of a new class, ask each person to give their name and share which photo they liked best and why.

Your part…

  • How would you adapt this?
  • Are there any age groups you’d use this with specifically?
  • How would you set up the activity differently?

In case you’re wondering, this is why I’m doing this!

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