5 creative activities for teaching adjectives

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28 Responses to 5 creative activities for teaching adjectives

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  4. fiona says:

    Like it. Yes. Will write more in a day or two.

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  12. 5 creative activities for teaching adjectives http://t.co/Tx9u0umb via @yearinthelifeof #elt

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  15. Great new comment: 5 creative activities for teaching adjectives http://t.co/VBczWJu0D4

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  18. John Thomas says:

    Teaching adjectives is one of my favorite topics. You get a lot of ideas of teaching them and they are very communicative. It encourages my students to talk and at the same time they have fun. Your activities look exciting. I can’t wait to try them on to my students.

  19. Maryanne says:

    I have found your website very useful. Thnks for sharing.

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  23. Avuyile Mjobo says:

    I like these activities. I was wondering how would you teach a 5 year old child who has an expressive language delay? What kind of games would you use to improve their adjective use? I’ve browsed the internet and I am not finding anything worth using,

    Please help
    Thank you

  24. rosehusna says:

    Thank you.

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