4 great strategies for starting early morning classes

You have to admit, they have a point.

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31 thoughts on “4 great strategies for starting early morning classes”

  1. Hi Adam!
    Loved it! Especially the collaborative drawing on the board. A variation to this could be to split the board in half and have students draw on one half and others write topic-related words on the other side. They choose which side of course, to cater for the artists AND the linguists.

    1. Thanks, Vicky.

      That is a really great variation on my idea and I like how your suggestion caters for more people. I’m going to edit the post to include this!

  2. Hi Adam!

    These are great ideas, thank you! Especially for those of us who teach early morning classes but are not exactly morning people 😉

    I like how you included variations, to make them work for a wider audience.


    1. Thanks, Ceci. You’ve picked up on my secret ‘between the lines’ message, i.e. these are great ways of energizing a tired teacher first thing in the morning, too!

  3. Thanks a lot for your information.I need your advice .Have about 50 student in the the class and they are about 13and14 years old.this big number prevent me from achieving all my lesson aims.H ow can Ideal with them?

  4. These are great ideas! I am teaching teenagers in a summer school and find they are often tired in the morning (and the afternoon…) and need a bit of help to wake up. I like to do a kinaesthetic matching or anagram game first (matching words to pictures, words to definitions, antonyms, synonyms… anagrams of vocabulary to revise or lead in…) and make sure that everything is printed or written on brightly-coloured paper. The brighter the better! It helps to engage the learners’ attention and get them to focus on the activity.

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