Why you should go and see Nicky Hockly at #IATEFL 2012

Interview #12 in my series looking at the presenters who will be appearing at the IATEFL Glasgow 2012 conference.

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Nicky Hockly speak on a number of occasions and genuinely find her to be one of the most engaging and innovative speakers in our fine profession.

Having got to know Nicky through meeting up at conferences, it gives me great pleasure to share this interview and to let you know what she has in store for us at IATEFL 2012 (through the magic medium of ‘online’ and not in person):

Here’s what she has to say… 

Could you please quickly introduce yourself?

I’m originally from South Africa, although my accent is somewhat watered down after 30 or so years away :-). I’ve been living in the lovely city of Barcelona for the past 25 years or so.

I’m a teacher, teacher trainer, and educational technology consultant. I’m the Director of Pedagogy for The Consultants-E (www.theconsultants-e.com), and we offer f2f and online training for teachers in how to use new technologies in their teaching. We also consult with educational organisations and schools on how to introduce online and blended learning. Basically, if it involves EFL and technology, we love it!

Could you explain to us how you’re going to be a ‘virtual’ presence at the conference?

Unfortunately, I broke my leg a couple of weeks ago, which means I’m not going to be able to attend IATEFL Glasgow after all. But technology means that there is a silver lining. Instead of taking part in the Macmillan Signature Event panel about mLearning in the flesh, I’m going to send a pre-recorded video message with my thoughts on mobile learning.

The event is called ‘Enhancing students’ language acquisition through mobile technologies’, and it is being held on Wednesday 21 March at 14.35 hours in Lomond. It includes speakers Agnes Kukulska-Hulme, Jim Brady, Gillian Penny, and myself, and we will be talking about research, and our own hands-on experience of applying mobile technologies in our various teaching contexts. My own contribution will be an overview of mLearning and the practical implications for EFL teachers.

Why are you interested in the area you’ll be presenting on?

Gavin Dudeney and I started doing work in the area of mobile learning around three years ago, and run our own ‘mLearning in Practice’ online training course for EFL teachers. It’s clearly an area that has seen explosive growth, and it has the potential to greatly enrich language teaching, in our opinion. We feel it’s important the teachers understand what mobile technologies mean for teaching, and how they can be best exploited. We’re also currently researching a book about the application of mobile learning to EFL. So it’s an area which is very dear to our hearts.

What should your audience expect to learn?

The Macmillan Signature Event panel discussion includes researchers and classroom practitioners, so the audience will hear a wide range of views and experiences. Some of the speakers are classroom practitioners, and will be able to share their experiences of what worked and didn’t work when applying mobile technologies to their classrooms.

Do you blog? Could you tell us about it?

Yes, indeed. I have a blog called E-moderation Station (www.emoderationskills.com), which consists of tips and ideas for online tutors. I also blog about areas of interest to me, such as mobile learning, or issues such as digital dissenters, or about the digital natives/immigrant debate…

Given that you won’t be here in person, how do you plan to make the most of the conference?

Because I can’t attend in person this year, I’ll be taking advantage of IATEFL Online 🙂

My thanks to Nicky for taking the time to answer my questions, and get well soon!

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